Dr. Yvette Ghannam
Doctor of Public Health

Yvette dedicated her doctorate in honor and memory of FBI Special Agent Samuel S. Hicks. EOW 11/19/2008. She shared her doctoral journey with Samuel’s mother and correspondence throughout this path formed a bonding friendship. Mrs. Carrabotta viewed her graduation virtually. “I am most impressed with Yvette’s determination and knowledge as well as the fact English is her second language. I have the upmost respect for her”.

She is the CEO of M.F. and E. Investigative Services and published co-author of, “Proposed Investigation and Assessment of Wuhan Laboratories, May 26, 2021, and DRASTIC’S Investigation and Assessment of Bat Coronavirus Research in Wuhan, May 26, 2021.”

Dr. Yvette Ghannam has given many years of service to the New Britain Community Outreach Program which has the support of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. She attended the FBI Citizens Academy which challenged her to expand children and youth programs and help address the need for the integrated relationships between law enforcement and the surrounding communities. In 2017, Yvette was awarded the Director’s Women’s Leadership Award for her continued involvement in children and youth outreach in Connecticut.

She is married and the mother of two sons - one with a Master’s in Molecular Biology and the other with a Master’s in Forensic Science.